Who We Are?

Our Mission

Helping You Make Changes to Achieve Your Personal Goals.

Born and raised in Boston the owner has intimate knowledge of the city and the challenges people living in the city can face. Beyond that the owner recognized the benefit of working with a therapist that looks and has shared experiences with the client. Boston offers a unique population of families, working professionals, immigrants, and college students from both in and out of state. Each therapist on this team fits in one or more of those categories ensuring their ability to understand where you are coming from and where you want to go. It is out of that philosophy that Through The Forest Counseling was created.

We know that for clients to get the most out of each session, they should first feel comfortable not just with the therapist, but also with the surroundings. This plays a significant role in their overall improvement. Let us guide you to your destination of a healthier, happier life.

Our Services

Individual Counseling

Some times a person just needs to be able to talk things out to get there head around something. Daily life does not always give a change to just sit and think. When you give yourself the permission to take an hour a week or every other week to check-in with yourself clarity comes.

College/ Graduate Student

Being a part of Boston we are familiar with the diverse populations that call it home. We are familiar with the college students either adjusting to being on their own for the first time or about to graduate and entering the working world questing if they will be able to make new friends and questioning what’s next.

The Working Professional

We are painfully aware of the challenges that surface in the work place. We have experience helping to manage stress, help organize you for promotions, dealing with microaggressions associated with being a person of color or a woman.

Family Counseling

The challenges of raising a family in Boston are also known to us. The hustle and bustle of city life! Families are under increasing pressures to be financially stable force parents to work longer hours or even two jobs. Parents are tired Children want attention and communication and respect can easily be broken down.

Couples Counseling

Regardless if you are just entering a relationship, have been together for some time, or trying to weather a storm. Couples today are faced with challenges that did not exist decades ago. Navigating the balancing act required to make a relationship work is a daily challenge.

Childrens/ Adolescents

Children have to try to figure out their emotions while being flooded with all sorts of messages about their body, their race, and self worth. Challenges with both physical and cyber bullying continue to exist, never mind understanding and excelling with different learning challenges.

Group Counseling

Sometimes the best way to learn or heal is from other people going through the same things. Being among people that have a shared experience can be powerful and uplifting. We will be offering groups to address several different issues. Email/call for more information

Behavioral health

Behavioral Health is becoming a more popular term. What this most often is referring to is measurable changes. There are several ways to help people make changes in their daily life. This for of treatment zero’s in on those specific things and allows for change.

Mental Health

Often times mental health is a silent struggle. Despite more attention being paid to it overall, how one copes and manages is very individualized. Challenges like depression, anxiety, trauma, bi-polar are everyday realities for some. Accepting that you may need professional help is a huge step. Our difference is the help we offer looks like you. Our staff comes from a diverse background allowing us to offer a multi-cultural piece that someone might want.