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Narrative therapy is a type of therapy in which people are seen as separate from their problems. This gives clients some distance from the problem, allowing them to realize how it may be helping or protecting them more than it is hurting them. Individuals feel more empowered with this new viewpoint to change their thought patterns and behavior and “rewrite” their life story for a future that reflects who they are, what they are capable of, and what their purpose is, apart from their difficulties.

Initially, time may be spent creating trust and mutual respect as you learn about the therapeutic process and the therapist learns about your issues, needs, and expectations. Your therapist may then stem to help you understand which components of your problem are likely to be founded in the relationship Your therapist will urge you to steer the conversation by asking what you like to talk about and, on an ongoing basis, checking to see if the topic, which is most likely a problem, is still something you want to discuss. After a while, your therapist will tell you in telling additional, more positive tales from your life in time to help you discover innate traits and skills that may be used to solve your difficulties. When you stop defining yourself by your difficulties, you will be able to realize how there are positive and productive ways to approach your life and your future.

A narrative therapist is a licensed mental health professional, social worker, or therapist who has completed narrative therapy training through academic programs, intensive workshops, or online continuing education. You should feel safe and comfortable working with any narrative therapist you choose, in addition to examining credentials and experience.

Narrative therapy can help individuals, couples, and families. Those who define themselves by their difficulties, whose lives are dominated by feelings like “I am a depressive person” or “I am an anxious person,” can learn to see their problem as something they have rather than something that defines who they are.

In narrative therapy, the events that occur in a person’s life throughout time are considered as stories, some of which stand out as more significant or fateful than others. These significant stories, which are frequently the result of negative events, might eventually determine one’s identity. Beyond this identification, the narrative therapist views a client’s life as multifaceted and full of possibilities simply waiting to be revealed. The therapist does not operate as an expert, but rather assists clients in seeing how they are the experts in their own lives and, as such, may find the dreams, values, ambitions, and skills that define who they are apart from their difficulties. These are the buried stories that can be retold and woven into the continuing and future story of their lives.

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