Through The Forest Counseling: How To Find The Best Therapists In Boston

MA-based Through The Forest Counseling, home of the best therapists in Boston, would like to reach out to residents who may search for a therapist. The counseling center has some of the most highly qualified therapists in the area. They are always ready and willing to offer therapy to help their clients get through whatever troubles they may be facing. Whether they face school problems, work, home or anywhere else, Boston residents can count on Through The Forest Counseling. They are a team of counselors who have helped many clients through various situations they are facing and can help.

Through The Forest Counseling - Team of Experienced Therapists in Boston MA

Felicha Laforest, the owner of Through The Forest Counseling, was born and raised in Boston. She understands the city and the challenges its people face in a way that only a native can. Felicha recognized a need for therapists who both look like and have shared the experiences of their clients. In Boston, the population comprises unique families, working professionals, immigrants and college students from both in and out of state. Through The Forest Counseling has therapists who are part of almost any demographic found in Boston. They have lived their clients’ experiences and thus have the knowledge and tools to listen and offer practical advice. The counseling center’s philosophy is to make it a point to understand where the client is coming from and where they want to go.

“We know that for clients to get the most out of each session, they should first feel comfortable not just with the therapist but also with the surroundings,” says Felicha Laforest. “This plays a significant role in their overall improvement. Let us guide you to your destination of a healthier, happier life. Sometimes a person needs to be able to talk things out to get their head around something. Daily life does not always give a chance to sit and think. When you permit yourself to take an hour a week or every other week to check-in with yourself, clarity comes.”

One group of people the counseling center often works with are college and graduate students. The counselors are familiar with college students either adjusting to being on their own for the first time or figuring out what to do after graduating. Another group that Through The Forest Counseling often helps with is working professionals. The workplace is a source of stress for many people. This Boston counseling center has a great deal of experience helping people with various issues, including managing stress, organizing themselves or promotions, and dealing with microaggressions associated with life in the workplace as a person of color or a woman.

Through The Forest has access to many of the best therapists in Boston. They have helped all kinds of clients get through some challenging situations. “Felicha is an outstanding therapist. She’s more than capable of helping anyone with their dilemmas, be it day-to-day or more uncommon,” says Vera, one of the counseling center’s clients. “She is personable, friendly and warm, yet also able to introduce you to a range of therapeutic techniques with professional accuracy. Felicha has personally helped me better diagnose my life struggles and how I can go about overcoming them. She will do the same for you.”

Another one of the counselling center’s clients, Joseph, shares, “Jessica is a great therapist who has a heart for clients. She is a great expert, kind, warm-hearted, and shows great respect for others. She spends extra time to research to offer more and better for us. Thank you, Jessica, I truly appreciate all you did for us, and I will make sure to tell all my friends about you and Through The Forest Counseling.”

Laforest shares that women of color who need or want therapy often find it very difficult to find a therapist who can truly relate to them. Fortunately, searching for a black female therapist in Boston is easy. One can find many highly-experienced women of colour at Through The Forest Counselling who are ready and willing to listen and offer guidance.

Through The Forest Counseling offers various experienced professional therapists in Boston, MA, who come from all walks of life. Founder and therapist Felicha Laforest is proud to have a team of male and female clinicians of different ethnicities and from all walks of life who can relate with their clients. Clients seeking support can reach the therapists at the counseling center toll-free at 1 (857) 299-1123.


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