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Boston, Massachusetts-based Through The Forest Counseling is reaching out to the community to talk about narcissistic behavior, how to spot it and ways to deal with it to avoid frustration and negative experiences.

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“While narcissists are typically hard to deal with, there are a few methods and precautions that one can use when dealing with one that will help them avoid confrontation and unpleasant situations. The key to this is knowing how to identify one, so you can employ caution and be wary of their behavior,” states Felicha Laforest, a representative of her Boston clinic of therapists.

She continues, “There are certain values and basic fundamental beliefs that a narcissist will embrace, such as the need for attention, admiration and confirmation that they are the best. The second one is the urge to hide their fragile egos, to keep themselves safe from being exposed as insecure or less good as they portray. If you pay attention to someone’s behavior, you should have no problems identifying these traits in them, which should dictate how you approach them regularly.”

Laforest notes that while all individuals are different, narcissists show a distinct preference to value their image and appearance above other aspects of their life. It is of the utmost importance to come across as highly accomplished, wealthy and intelligent whenever they meet someone new, or even when reconnecting with old acquaintances, which could lead them to disrespect and look down upon those who do not measure up to their standards. It may also be difficult for them to look at a situation from other perspectives.

Dishonesty is also a common sign that someone may be a narcissist. Laforest states, “The truth is whatever serves a purpose in the world of the narcissist. There is no factual truth; their vision will enhance and ensure that their needs are met. They lie, twist and reframe without seeing that as dishonesty. It is a necessity to keep themselves safe. They have no problem denying a situation, even if presented with proof. They can get very defensive when challenged, and overall, you are better off avoiding confrontation as long as you know why they behave this way.”

Other familiar personality traits for a narcissist are self-centeredness, disloyalty, a need to be in control and self-importance. Laforest says, “If this behavior sounds all too familiar to you, and you see it continuously on someone you interact with regularly, they may have a narcissistic personality disorder. When dealing with a narcissist, it is important to know where they are coming from. They think, feel and behave very differently from other people and can be very damaging. Protecting yourself through knowledge is a good first step. You may even want to encourage them to find a therapist in Boston who will help fix their toxic behavior towards others and themselves.”

Through The Forest Counseling is a renowned therapy center in Boston that includes black therapists who are sought out by their clients who look for therapists of color who can relate and counsel them on their unique situations. They are widely popular among local communities. Their clients are often very outspoken about their support and appreciation for the therapy center and the special treatment they give their patients. They show their support through various review websites, making the center one of the best-rated establishments in the area. Through the Google map service, they enjoy a near-perfect review rating of 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

Through The Forest Counseling offers a wide variety of services, and they serve as a one-stop solution for Boston residents who need emotional or mental support. Their services include Mental Health Counseling, Behavioral Health Counseling, Child/Adolescent Counseling, Family Counseling and Group Counseling, among several others. The team comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals who share a common goal of helping patients create a warm, safe and protective environment where they feel comfortable sharing whatever they need to bring to therapy.

The company’s website offers more details on Through The Forest Counseling and its services. Interested parties may reach out to Felicha Laforest to follow up on any inquiries. Additionally, they may also fill the contact form on the company’s website to book an appointment with these Boston therapists.

Through The Forest Counseling offers various experienced professional therapists in Boston, MA, who come from all walks of life. Founder and therapist Felicha Laforest is proud to have a team of male and female clinicians of different ethnicities and from all walks of life who can relate with their clients. Clients seeking support can reach the therapists at the counseling center toll-free (617) 845-0990.

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