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Through The Forest Counseling, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is keen to dispel common misconceptions about mental health issues. The therapy practice dedicates itself to addressing a wide range of issues, including counseling for mental and behavioral health, family and individual and couple issues. The center also offers group counselling and support groups.

Through The Forest Counseling - Team of Experienced Therapists in Boston MA

Through The Forest Counseling believes that many myths surrounding the subject can be very harmful to those who suffer from mental health issues. Such myths can have a direct and negative impact on an individual. The center believes that providing the correct information about these conditions allows for a better understanding of one’s issues and promotes awareness of others.

One of the most common myths that Through The Forest Counseling wishes to debunk immediately is that people with mental illnesses are a danger to society. On the contrary, it is those who are suffering from mental illnesses are more likely to be victims of violence, as opposed to being perpetrators. Another common myth that the center would like to disprove is that people with mental illness are weak. It is a fact that multiple factors can cause mental illness. These factors may include genes, the family of origin, medical conditions, personality, organic brain diseases and socioeconomic status — all of which are factors that are mostly out of an individual’s control. Furthermore, the center acknowledges that many people suffering from mental illnesses show bravery and courage as they try to adapt and work through their issues.

One of the most common misconceptions is that people with mental illness are making it up. Mental illness is both a biological and psychological phenomenon. No one chooses to be mentally ill. The center acknowledges, however, that one’s choices can improve or worsen certain conditions. They also debunk the myth that people with mental illnesses are seeking attention. The social stigma attached to mental health in many communities often tends to lead to the isolation of those suffering from such conditions.

It is this social stigma that led to the founding of Through The Forest Counselling. The owner, a native of Boston and a black female therapist, possesses an intimate knowledge of the city, and the challenges people living there can face. They have also recognized the immense benefits an individual receives through counselling. The founder, Felicha Laforest, shares, “Boston offers a unique population of families, working professionals, immigrants and college students from both in and out of state. Each therapist on our team fits in one or more of those categories. This variety enables them to understand where our clients are coming from and where they want to go. It is out of that philosophy that Through The Forest Counseling was created.”

The ability to relate to one’s counsellor is a factor that makes counselling a success. Through The Forest Counseling knows that, for clients to get the most out of each session, they must first feel comfortable with the therapist and the surroundings. This comfort is evident in playing a significant role in the client’s overall improvement. Through The Forest Counseling offers individual counselling where an individual has the opportunity to talk and check in with themselves in a safe space while receiving guidance to mitigate or lessen their issues.

Through The Forest Counseling also offers counselling for college and graduate students. The center understands the challenges students face while being on their own for the first time or those who have graduated and are worried about entering the working world. This service is also ideal for those who are unsure of what is next in their lives. The center also offers counseling for working professionals. Laforest shares, “We are painfully aware of the challenges that surface in the workplace. We have experience helping to manage stress, help organize you for promotions, dealing with microaggressions associated with being a person of color or a woman.”

Through The Forest Counseling also offers family and couples counselling since they understand the pressures of life in Boston may necessitate such support. Children and adolescents too may receive counselling at the center through their experienced and qualified team. The center’s services offer group counselling, and their therapists can address behavioral and mental health issues.

Through The Forest Counseling offers various experienced professional therapists in Boston, MA, who come from all walks of life. Founder and therapist Felicha Laforest is proud to have a team of male and female clinicians of different ethnicities and from all walks of life who can relate with their clients. Clients seeking support can reach the therapists at the counseling center toll-free (617) 845-0990.



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