Therapist In Boston, MA & Founder Of Black-Owned, Women-Led, LGBTQ-Friendly Mental & Behavioral Health Clinic Interviewed On Depression & Cultural Expectations

Boston, MA – Therapist in Boston, Felicha Laforest and founder of Through The Forest Counseling, a black-owned, women-led, LGBTQ-friendly mental and behavioral health clinic was interviewed on depression and cultural expectations by host Louie Michaelson from Blog Talk Radio. The audio interview is available for listening below.

Her clinic’s focus is different from others, as Felicha and her clinicians reach out to Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), colleges, people of mixed backgrounds and clients that view therapy as a luxury or are not familiar with therapy due to outmoded cultural views towards opening up to therapists and social workers. As a result of this focus, her practitioners speak different languages, are from different backgrounds and can connect with clients on those levels.

Felicha opens up in the interview about depression,

“Depression isn’t necessarily something that sticks with you for your entire life. It could be something that you go through because maybe COVID, maybe you’re having a challenging moment at work, maybe you’re going through a tough spot in your marriage or having trouble connecting with your kids and that can put you in a depressive episode. That’s something that we understand and we’re happy to help you through. And once that pressure and situation alleviates itself, we understand that maybe that was all you needed versus something that you need medication for and something that has to be treated for the rest of your life.”

Felicha Laforest is a licensed counselor and founder of Through The Forest Counseling, Boston’s mental & behavioral health practice comprising a group of therapists offering counseling services for all ages. The clinic is black-owned, women-led and is LGBTQ-friendly.

For inquiries about Through The Forest Counseling services, visit their website at or call (617) 932-3813.