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about felicha

I believe everyone is the hero in their own story. Maybe you are at the beginning where everything is great! Maybe you are at the point where you need that guide to push you to the next level or maybe you have found your happily ever after and just want to keep it going. I believe with the right tools and support everyone can find their happiness.

about jessica

I believe everyone is the hero in their own story. Maybe you are at Deciding to come to therapy can be a very vulnerable undertaking. My goal as your therapist is to create a warm, safe and protective environment for my clients to feel comfortable to share whatever they need to bring to therapy. I use a trauma-informed lens as well as a strengths-based approach with my clients to help them attain their goals. My specialties include anxiety, depression, bereavement/loss, grief relationship issues, substance use, trauma, and adult children of alcoholics. I treasure the therapeutic relationship with my clients and look forward to our work together to help navigate the challenges and joys in your life.

about Akyla Joseph

Life at times can be tough, and there is no rule book on how to navigate it. Therapy can be used as a guide to dealing with challenges in the moment, and provide you with the tools for continuing to face obstacles that may come in the future. The relationship between client and therapist is one of the most important parts of therapy, which is why I use a humanistic approach when engaging with my clients. Some of my specialties include depression, anxiety, multicultural concerns, life transitions, and the military/veterans community. I look forward to working with you along this journey!

about Judy

I support youths and individuals in facing life challenges with anxiety, depression, academic and personal challenges and other mental and behavioral issues to live their most authentic lives and accomplish their goals by using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution focus, Narrative Therapy, Play Therapy,

about lubenji

Lubenji- Forest Counseling

I understand and cherish my role as support and coach, and the need for working with you instead of telling you what to do. I have seen this approach in several systems such as immigration and DCF and know that approach does not work. Together, we will raise your awareness to determine their likes, dislikes, strengths, triggers, and skills and take action steps toward attaining your goals. I specialize in working with individuals, families, couples and groups.

about madeline

I know how difficult reaching out for help can be, especially when searching for one’s first therapist.  My goal is to make clients feel welcome and to create a space where you feel heard, supported, and strong.  I have a background in crisis work and this has allowed me to use a trauma informed style with clients, with a very humanistic approach.  Every person has a unique and beautiful story.   I have experience with depression, anxiety, relationships, and many other common mental health stressors.  The therapeutic relationships with my clients are of great importance to me and together I believe real change and happiness can be found through this work!

Forest Counseling

about gena

We have the perception that therapy is only for people who have mental issues or problems they can not deal with in their everyday life. Therapy can sometimes be challenging and may be difficult to find the perfect match.  Everyone should have access to a reliable sound board.  I work with a variety of individuals with different needs.  I had previous experience in this field.  I help individuals combat; depression, anxiety, and marital status issues, and family disputes.  Honesty is the foundation of my therapy session.  “Believing in yourself will help others to see your authenticity” 

about Caroline wheeler

I believe that therapy can be life changing. The path to healing takes courage, strength, and determination. I believe that every person can overcome life challenges and can learn new ways to care for their stress, anxiety, and trauma. My personal approach to therapy is empathy, compassion, and encouragement. I want my client to know that they have the full potential within themselves to
overcome what they are going through. Using a calm, engaging, communication style, I work with individuals who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and general life stressors, including the loss of a loved one and individuals who are affected by a loved one’s addiction, active or in recovery. I have a deep passion for working with woman. I combine a non-judgmental, holistic, creative approach into my practice.

about Margela Olivier-Galette

Margela- Forest Counseling

I have always wanted to be in the mental health field to help others navigate and cope with mental health challenges because I know and understand what mental illness can do to someone and the whole family unit when left unattended or untreated. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. People are different – they think differently, have different perspectives on life, grieve in their own way when they suffer a loss, and process their feelings differently. That is why, as a clinician, I meet people where they are. I provide a safe place where people are free to be themselves, take time to go through the different layers of their challenges, and work through the things that trigger them. The best support I can and do provide to my clients is listening to them and getting to know what works best for them individually because I know they are unique. What I have learned from working with battered women, homeless families, and individuals with mental challenges has inspired me to support others to face their mental health challenges. 


I believe that life is a journey with ups and downs and that everyone at some point in their life could benefit from therapy. As a counselor-an intern, I have developed a strength-based approach drawing from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness-Based techniques to help clients get through whatever it is they are dealing with at that time. I believe that through focusing on their strengths, as well as identifying and becoming more mindful of cognitive distortions and limited thinking, clients are able to feel empowered and confident to take on whatever challenges come their way. With a master’s degree in sport psychology, I am dedicated to helping people achieve their greatest potential and discovering their purpose and meaning in life.

about Veline

I am an empathetic counselor who takes pride in her job. Through many years working in the field of behavioral health, I have supported clients through their life challenges, setbacks, and celebrated successes. I know the importance of making the individual I work with feeling safe and comfortable because starting therapy can be a difficult journey.  I know that success depends on how well the therapist is able to connect with each individual.  I am a confident, supportive, knowledgeable counselor. I use the strength-based perspective with the individuals that I am so fortunate to work with. Through my experiences, I am able to connect with a diverse population including preschool up to older adults. 

about roy


Roy J. Lynch is a Mental Health counselor specializing in substance use and co-occurring disorders, providing individual, couples, family and group counseling. Extensive  knowledge of 12 step recovery, evidence based practices, motivational interviewing, CBT, and solution focussed therapy. Trauma informed care,  Adult Children of Alcoholics, Relapse Prevention and Recovery Coaching.

about ayisha

I support youths and individuals in facing life challenges with anxiety, depression, academic and personal challenges and other mental and behavioral issues to live their most authentic lives and accomplish their goals by using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution focus, Narrative Therapy, Play Therapy,


Through therapy and caring this journey can become a reality. I hope I can share some of my energy and experience to help you with your path. In my 25 years of working in Social Services, I know it’s not an easy road but always one worth traveling. My background practice is in trauma-informed therapy, CBT, motivational interviewing, mindfulness therapy, substance abuse therapy, and co-occurring disorders. 

about Siedah FAGAN

I can’t wait to partner with you on your journey. My approach is to meet you wherever you are on your journey, by being empathetic, supportive and encouraging you to be empowered in a safe space. I use Personal Outcome Approach to get to the root of what you want to see happen for yourself. I specialize in Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), to help clients develop a better connection between their emotional reactions and the rational part of decision making. together. we will develop appropriate coping skills for destress tolerance and increase your overall sense of hope. I also use solution focused therapy to help clients to overcome a specific goal. I believe that strengths-based therapy is also needed in practice to focus on your positive attributes and build off those. Together we will add coping tools/ strategies to your toolbox to use in any time of need. I look forward to creating a supportive therapeutic relationship with you to help you achieve your goals. My background includes working with children, adolescents, adults/ parents, and families.