Boston Therapists Offer Counselling For Depression, Growing Number Being Young Clients

Boston, MA-based Through The Forest Counseling is pleased to announce that they offer therapy and counseling services to people struggling with depression, especially the growing number of younger clients. Through The Forest Counseling is a team of therapists in Boston who mainly specializes in mental health and behavioral health counseling.

Through The Forest Counseling - Team of Experienced Therapists in Boston MA
The team of Boston therapists at Through The Forest Counseling

“So many of us are on a quest for happiness, yet we see many more young clients coming to our Boston therapists for help with their depression, says founder Felicha Laforest, a Boston native with an understanding of the challenges that its citizens face. We have the expertise to help people with depression on their road to recovery. We know how important it is to work with a therapist who shares experiences with their patients. We provide a brief and solution-focused treatment model designed to help our clients achieve their treatment goals.”

There are more than 300 million people all over the world who suffer from depression. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers depression to be the leading cause of disability worldwide, and the incidence rate of this disorder continues to rise. For example, the US sees an increasing number of people suffering from the disorder despite Americans being highly concerned with happiness. Currently, around 15 million Americans are battling depression, with more and more young people being clients seeking help. Depression has many signs and symptoms, although not every person with depression experiences and displays every one of them. Some people may experience only a few symptoms, while others may experience many. The severity of symptoms that each experience also varies. Common symptoms include a persistent sad, anxious, or empty mood, feelings of guilt and worthlessness, loss of interest and pleasure in hobbies, fatigue, restlessness, irritability and memory issues. There may also be physical symptoms, such as headaches, digestive disorders and chronic pain. Some people with depression also experience sleep disruptions and eating behavior changes. Many also contemplate suicide.

The team of Boston therapists at Through The Forest Counseling are encouraging clients to take advantage of their mental health and behavioral health counseling services, so they can help people struggling with depression, especially the growing number of younger clients.

Laforest says, “Depression has many detrimental effects on people’s health. Those suffering from depression have weakened immune systems, leading to increased susceptibility to viral infections and even some kinds of cancer. Depression also vastly increases the risk of cardiac events and leads to higher rates of diabetes and osteoporosis. Furthermore, depression may also manifest as dysthymia, a condition marked by periods of low energy, low self-esteem and lowered abilities to experience pressure. These periods of a persistent low mood usually lasts for several years. Depression may be a highly crippling disorder, but it is also a treatable one. The earlier that people with depression undergo treatment, the more effective the treatment is and the lower the chance of recurrence.”

Through The Forest Counseling offers various experienced professional therapists in Boston, MA, who come from all walks of life. Founder and therapist Felicha Laforest is proud to have a team of male and female clinicians of different ethnicities and from all walks of life who can relate with their clients. Clients seeking support can reach the therapists at the counseling center toll-free (617) 845-0990.

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